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Dark Lords NFT

Our team is building a unique staking and gaming combination where The Dark Lords NFT holders can not only stake but also engage in a game like experience to earn our token $DVN.

Mint is Live

What is Dark Lords NFT?

The Dark Lords is a limited collection of 666 randomly generated pixel art NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each Lord is unique and comes with different attributes and rarities. Together they shall launch their journey to conquer the Solana Blockchain.

Who is Asmodeus?

Asmodeus, is a legendary mythical creature capable of extreme mass destruction. He has 72 legions of demons under his command, as he is one of the kings of hell under Lucifer the emperor.

What are Asmodeus abilities?

Asmodeus possesses many supernatural abilities, from immortality to shapeshifting. Blessed with immortality and demonic strength, the king of hell ventures where he pleases.

He permanently transformed into 666 unique different versions of himself.

Who can stop an army of 666 Dark Lords?!

Our Roadmap

Dec 2021

Project Launch

Launch of our social platform: Dark Lords on Twitter Marketing Collaberations

Jan 2022

Website & Social Media

Discord launch for the minions, Initial ‘Dark listing’ for loyal lords & Website Launch

Feb 2022

Preparing The Dark Lords Invasion

Implementing OG roles, Collaborations with Solana Influencers & Solana Projects, and start a Community vote on our token name.

Mar 2022

Dark Lords Launch (Mint)

Dark Lords Launch 666 Unique Dark Lords NFT’s to be minted by our community. A set number of Lords will be held in a community wallet for giveaways and marketing (Amount TBA). Our Lords will be listed on (Magic Eden).

Apr 2022

Staking & Game Studio Collaboration

Launching the staking platform, and discuss with a Game Studio to collaborate for our 2D game.

Our Team



Cruel One


Man from Hell

Community manager




Lead Artist/Designer

Tech Demon

Chief Technical Officer

Darth Sidious




Frequently Ask Questions

The minting price for the first limited collection of this project is 0.666 SOL for both Private and Public Sale. There will be an initial supply of 666 randomized Dark Lords.

You will get access to pre-sale, all-new project updates and will be granted access to exclusive benefits.

There is a 7% Royalty fees. The royalties are mainly used to support marketing and operational costs, and a portion of it will go to charity.

Mint is live!

Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare.

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